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Iconium Software Releases DataLenz v1.3

DataLenz Delivers Real-time, Machine Learning-based Breach Detection with User Behavior Modeling for IBM zSystems.

Oklahoma City, OK., May 31, 2022 – Iconium Software, the leading provider of geospatial security monitoring for IBM mainframe data, has announced the release of DataLenz 1.3 providing immediate access to indicators of compromise (IOCs) potentially saving IBM zSystems customers millions of dollars per year caused by security breaches. By presenting multiple complex data access points through a simple to use graphical interface, DataLenz quickly brings clarity to potential data threats permitting security personnel to act swiftly. Gone are the days of having to laboriously wade through reports trying to determine if a security breach occurred or not, let alone quickly take action.

Organization's mission-critical IBM mainframe data is constantly at risk from bad actors, often masquerading as insiders from remote geographies. DataLenz provides the CISO, DPO and SOC security professional with real-time awareness of and automatic response to anomalous and out-of-bounds threats against critical mainframe data assets.

"Many large enterprises are under attack from bad actors often from remote locations, as evidenced by increased frequency and severity of breaches.," said Rick Jones co-founder and CEO, of Iconium Software. "Our customers are forward-thinking organizations that are looking to provide the most robust security for their IBM mainframe data. Our DataLenz solution, addresses these challenges by giving IBM mainframe professionals, security teams, and compliance-focused professionals the best set of tools available to deal with these new threats."

“As the geopolitical and overall security landscape becomes more fractured, enterprises are re-evaluating their security posture. The DataLenz solution is perfectly placed to address the emerging threat vectors facing those enterprises looking to secure vital mainframe-based data. The latest enhancements in V1.3 further strengthen the DataLenz solution and more closely aligns with the most stringent requirements of highly regulated mainframe customers” – Steven Dickens, Senior Analyst, Futurum Research

With DataLenz 1.3, new innovation provides the following:

  • Real-time alerts, intelligent analytics with customizable thresholds, and management for anomalous threats and out-of-bounds data and resource access, alteration, replication, and movement to, from, and on the IBM Z mainframe platform.

  • An intuitive advanced dashboard with real-time and historical views, allows users to filter specific types and sources (including graphical paradigms such as geopolitical and satellite maps), and then expand into every relevant form of drill-down and analytical detail needed to recognize, understand, and respond to threats arising from inappropriate data and resource access anywhere in the world.

  • Advanced methods of notification of any potential breach of access with a wide range of user responses including issuing administrative commands such as terminating and blocking apparent threat actors and issuing RACF® administrative commands (as authorized).

  • Detailed historical tracking, analysis, and response to anomalous and threatening events, plus exporting and forwarding of custom-specifiable data for processing by the full range of tools from spreadsheets to real-time event management systems (SIEMs).

  • Advanced and intuitive filters, heat maps, geographical zoom-in, score cards, and highly configurable widgets create a fully immersive environment for maximum awareness and control.

  • Datalenz strengthens your data protection and in conjunction with RACF, ACF2, Top Secret.

Today’s CISOs and DPOs demand truly comprehensive, reliable, real-time and compelling awareness of and resolution of all potential threats to their mission-critical mainframe data and legal and regulatory compliance.

More than just ensuring compliance with ever-more-exacting audits, immediate responsiveness to potential breaches of critical data must be dealt with using automation and advanced analytical tools for the briefest possible Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Remote accesses must be properly managed to prevent, alert, terminate and block out-of-bounds interaction with sensitive data and related resources, employing real-time and historical graphical searching, filtering, reporting, drill-down and response to anomalous events.

The advanced monitoring, historical intelligence, proactive alerting and actions and versatile dashboard functionality of DataLenz 1.3 make it the definitive solution for extending the security of your critical mainframe data against threats anywhere in the world. See DataLenz v1.3 in action and discover how quickly DataLenz can bring your mainframe data access into sharp focus. See DataLenz v1.3 in action and discover how quickly DataLenz can bring your mainframe data access into sharp focus.

To learn more about Iconium and today's news, visit the website:

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