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mainstorconcept to Deliver Presentation at SHARE’s Columbus Conference

The Enterprise Solutions and Storage Expert Will Discuss Observability and Its Potential Integrations with Mainframe Systems

Ettlingen, Germany — July 28, 2022: Today, mainstorconcept, an enterprise solutions company with over 15 years of industry expertise, announced that it will be hosting a presentation at the 2022 SHARE Columbus Conference. The company will offer insights into the topic, “Open-Source Observability and the Future of Enterprise-Wide Application Performance Monitoring.” A primary focus of the discussion will revolve around the importance of observability and how it can strengthen your organization's monitoring strategy by enabling DevOps teams tol understand how applications utilize mainframe services.

mainstorconcept’s presentation will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 24 from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. in the Marion room.

Attendees of the presentation can expect to learn about a diverse range of subjects pertaining to the development and future transformation of application performance monitoring (APM). Specifically, the company will review the latest major development within APM: CNCF’s OpenTelemetry (OTEL) project, which combines vendor-neutral instrumentation and specifications to create an open-source observability framework for the IT industry.

Some points mainstorconcept plans to cover during its presentation include:

  • The latest status of OpenTelemetry: This includes the types of telemetry it can generate, the types of exporters available and the type of support users can expect in their APM tool.

  • Challenges faced by APM vendors and users: Some common obstacles include developing enterprise observability strategies, providing suitable APM platforms to process, correlate and visualize telemetry provided by OTEL, as well as establishing and consolidatingadequate support of OTEL features, which are of interest for teams and leadership.

  • The future of APM: Considerations include moving from plain monitoring to cutting-edge observability for the enterprise, allowing resources to be allocated to new improved AIOps capabilities, establishing observability as a development practice rather than a post-production task and enabling observability wherever teams need it.

mainstorconcept’s CIO, Peter Freund, commented, “Enabling your entire organization to understand which applications, integrations, software, infrastructure and processes contribute to improved customer experience will catapult your enterprises' ability to target modernization to areas that will enhance your end-user experience and boost customer satisfaction.”

Angelika Heinrich, a Software Project Manager at mainstorconcept, will be sharing the company’s findings at the event. Thanks to the development of mainstorconcept’s latest product, z/IRIS, we have acquired new insights in regard to possible obstacles that users face when trying to achieve their end-to-end enterprise monitoring goals.

“We are excited that Angelika has been asked to talk at Share Columbus 2022,” said Peter Freund. “There, she will discuss the current shift to open-source observability frameworks for APM and — most importantly — how to ensure all teams can understand which mainframe services contribute to the ideal end-user experience.”

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