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Key Resources Inc. Enters Partnership with BMC to License and Co-Sell Mainframe Security Solutions

Enterprise Customers to Benefit From Enhanced Mainframe Vulnerability Assessment Capabilities

LAKE VILLA, Ill – July 23, 2020Key Resources Inc., the leader in mainframe vulnerability scanning solutions and consultancy, today announced that it has entered into a MarketZone partnership with BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise. Becoming a BMC MarketZone partner will enable BMC to co-sell Key Resources’ z/Assure® Vulnerability Analysis Product (VAP) alongside BMC solutions to BMC customers. BMC will also license z/Assure VAP for use in its own mainframe environment. The partnership makes Key Resources a preferred vendor for BMC for mainframe security and vulnerability management.

Despite the relative security of mainframe systems, every z/OS operating environment has vulnerabilities. Risk managers have long been without crucial information about mainframe threats due to a lack of automated scanning and standardized vulnerability scoring that provides the severity level of vulnerabilities that are common for other computing systems. To solve this, Key Resources created z/Assure VAP, the first and only software that can identify and categorize the severity of mainframe vulnerabilities. z/Assure VAP provides risk managers with the crucial information they need to take vulnerability remediation activities and protect the mainframe. 

“Ensuring mainframe security requires ensuring system integrity, and taking action to address vulnerabilities is the first step,” said Ray Overby, CTO and co-founder of Key Resources Inc. “We’ve made it our mission to empower companies with the tools they need to identify and close zero-day vulnerabilities. Through our partnership with BMC, we are excited to accelerate our ability to reach companies around the globe and provide them with the tools they need to mitigate these vulnerabilities.”

Not only will this partnership enable Key Resources to extend the reach of its vulnerability management solutions, but BMC will also be utilizing z/Assure VAP itself to help produce secure software for its customers. z/Assure VAP will help BMC customers modernize their approach to mainframe security strategy and adhere to application security best practices by introducing OS-level vulnerability scanning.

“Key Resources’ z/Assure VAP technology will be integrated directly into our development processes to ensure that all software we deliver to our customers maintains the highest levels of integrity,” said John McKenny, SVP ZSolutions Strategy and Innovation, BMC. “We are thrilled to partner with Key Resources to offer this essential vulnerability scanning technology to keep our customers’ mainframes safe and protect them from today’s malicious threats, as they become Autonomous Digital Enterprises.”

For more information about z/Assure VAP, please visit

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