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Iconium Software Releases DataLenz v1.4

DataLenz Delivers profound knowledge of your mainframe through Data & Analytically Driven Insights.

Oklahoma City, OK., February 2023 – Iconium Software, the leading provider of geospatial security monitoring for IBM mainframe data, has announced the release of DataLenz, 1.4.

For over 40 years, the folks at Iconium Software have been designing, engineering, and building practical software solutions for the IBM mainframe based on constantly evolving real-world requirements, whether mandated by the company itself, government entities, or legal and auditing purposes. Iconium built its reputation by being a client-driven, nimble company with the ability to pivot and focus on specific customer needs and develop and deploy bespoke solutions to address those needs.

As Iconium began to conceptualize and develop DataLenz, the goal was to offer a suitable product for businesses that could answer who, what, where, and when their data is accessed. In addition, Iconium wanted to engineer and build a product that would act as a force multiplier in that, once deployed, it could monitor and provide sensitive data and information “overwatch” without the need to hire a whole host of new employees to do the work.

DataLenz distinguishes itself from others by simplifying the actual process of data security. DataLenz not only monitors sensitive data and those employees accessing that data, but it also provides alerts and connection disconnection capabilities whenever events occur on the mainframe that has been deemed unapproved based on parameters determined by the data owner.

Only DataLenz employs geospatial technology and provides users with the ability to determine the geographic location of anyone logged into the mainframe. In addition, DataLenz utilizes geofencing technology which gives businesses the power to “fence” critical and sensitive data in order to identify any access or “incursion” that is not approved. The DataLenz machine learning feature quickly works to identify potential anomalies for immediate response by security teams.

With DataLenz version1.4, new updates and enhancements provide the following:

  • DB2 support for Tables accessed, Users, Geolocation, and SQL statements, plus the DataLenz Analytics Engine provides additional Insights into your DB2 use.

  • SYSLOG support for Alerting, Analytics, and Messages with DataLenz Analytics support.

  • RACF Commands and Messages have much more detail in the types of security events DataLenz can monitor.

  • Automatic Termination, fully configurable, the DataLenz “Hammer” automatically terminates connections when access is considered severe enough for security team intervention.

  • SEIM Integrations, DataLenz easily integrates with leading SEIM tools allowing maximum visibility to all mainframe data access.

In summation, more than just ensuring compliance with mandatory auditing requirements, immediate responsiveness to potential critical data breaches must be dealt with using automation and advanced analytical tools for the briefest possible Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Remote accesses must be properly managed to prevent, alert, terminate and block out-of-bounds interaction with sensitive data and related resources, employing real-time and historical graphical searching, filtering, reporting, drill-down, and response to anomalous events. The advanced monitoring, historical intelligence, proactive alerting and actions, and versatile dashboard functionality of DataLenz 1.4 ensures that its users have a definitive solution for extending the security of critical mainframe data against threats anywhere in the world.

To learn more about Iconium and today's news, visit the website:

Carol Behrens

Iconium Software Media Relations

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