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Iconium Software Delivers Comprehensive Threat Management for IBM z

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Iconium Software has announced the release of DataLenz 1.2 which provides comprehensive threat management for the IBM z platform.

DataLenz leverages patent pending geolocation activity monitoring which effectively provides vision into all mainframe data sources. With DataLenz, companies can identify and eliminate insider threats and strengthen data loss prevention across their enterprise.

DataLenz offers organizations real-time insight and alerting capabilities of all data access, alteration, replication, and movement to and from the IBM z platform. With companies increasingly accessing sensitive data via remote workers and cloud-based business operations, DataLenz provides the proactive and continuous monitoring needed to ensure security threats are managed.

Geolocation is the first step toward not only recognizing anomalous behavior with event management systems (SIEM), but to also improve the accuracy of threat detection and prevention to immediately eliminate malicious attacks on company intellectual property.

The DataLenz insider threat management platform provides organizations with the awareness and alerting framework needed to enforce corporate privacy policies. DataLenz is designed to address the next era of security and data protection to simplify compliance with privacy regulations.

With DataLenz, stakeholders have enhanced knowledge of their data to ensure that compliance with privacy regulations is enforced. In addition, companies have detailed audit trails of any access, update, and movement of their data or their sensitive customer information.

Safeguarding intellectual property is a constant journey that encounters ever increasing threats and challenges. DataLenz gives the visibility into data security that companies need in order to remediate issues and meet compliance regulations.

DataLenz equips companies to protect, control, and understand the utilization of their data throughout their enterprise which ensures customers and stakeholders that their sensitive data is secure.

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