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Iconium Software Announces Webinar

Join the Iconium Development Team on August 11th at 11 am CT as we take you through the data usage discovery process using Iconium Software’s patent-pending technology.

If you work with a mainframe, if your company relies on a mainframe, and if your job depends on a mainframe, you do not want to miss this webinar presented by Iconium Software.

Oklahoma City, OK.– Iconium Software, the leading provider of geospatial security monitoring for mainframe data will be hosting a webinar titled: Gain Profound Knowledge of Mainframe Data. During this content-rich webinar, the Iconium Team will demonstrate how their DataLenz software can bring your mainframe data usage into a razor-sharp focus.

Additionally, with the suite of tools available within the DataLenz web-based GUI, not only will your mainframe data usage be presented in focus, but you’ll see your data through an entirely new lens … The DataLenz.

More than security or analytical tool, DataLenz is groundbreaking technology shedding new light on mainframe data access. We’ll show you how DataLenz gives you a clear picture of who, when, how, and new to the mainframe space, where data usage is occurring.

Register to attend on August 11th at 11 am CT.


To learn more about Iconium and today's news, visit the website:

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