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ESAi Announces Availability of DBARS™ Version 4.4 for Db2

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Enterprise Systems Associates, Inc.(“ESAi”) and Software Product Research announce the North American availability of DBARS Version 4.4. The product provides a new and timely level of capabilities for audit, reporting and security of Db2 z/OS environments. The product can operate as a standalone offering or can integrate with a SIEM product.

DBARS Version 4.4 is available worldwide and provides following enhancements:

¨ Enhanced email alerts for database and table access exceptions When the DBARSNAX option has been enabled, DBARS will automatically send an email to designated recipients, when DBARS rejects a possibly fraudulent Db2 call or when DBARS issues an alert.

¨ Processing DBARS Archives by the DBARSGUI interface DBARS archives are stored on offline media and are not directly accessible in the GUI interface. Previously archives had to be imported for use by the GUI user by Systems or Operations. Version 4.4 now allows the GUI user to request an archive import by email and process the archive when import has completed.

¨ Streamlining DBARSGUI function calls The DBARSGUI menu allows access to several DBARS auditing data resources. A single login provides access to all available DBARS data sources.

¨ Product Installation Improvements The DBARS product may now be installed on the mainframe using the traditional TSO RECEIVE command or using an FTP session, controlled by the DBARSFTP utility.

With DBARSFTP a high level qualifier for the DBARS libraries can be specified, if the customer requires such a qualifier

DBARS is unique and does not depend on logs or Db2 audit tracing, which can be resource intensive, to provide alerts and information on the who, when, where, & how of accesses to Db2 data and resources. User request blocking of tables based on specific criteria provides an added level of security to keep even in-house rogue staff at bay. The archiving and alerting functions ease oversight by database and auditor staff. DBARS easily provides the on-demand information needed to complete comprehensive audits. In ESM / SIEM environments DBARS acts as an agent for Db2 on z/OS integrating with popular multi-system solutions.

Even when DBARS is not used in an auditing context, it can provide valuable recording services. In operational environments, DBARS may record all accesses to designated Db2 tables. Using DBARS archiving, an organization may keep an historical track of these accesses. In development and QA environments, DBARS can also be used as a tool to verify the SQL submitted by the applications.

For more details about DBARS, see our web page at

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