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Due to Increased COVID-19, DataVantage® for IMS version 5.0 Customers get free upgrade to 7.1

Direct Computer Resources, Inc. (DCR), a leader in z/OS data privacy and data management and testing software, announced today that customers still using DataVantage® for IMS version 5.0 will get a free upgrade to release 7.1 as support for the earlier version will end August 31st. The upgrade will help meet security requirements with the prolonged period and increase of work-from-home employees.

“Due to COVID-19, we’re offering a free ugrade, enabling current customers to gain data masking functionality to help secure test data,” said George Lang, DCR’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Additional features include on-the-fly data masking, as well as date modification for date sensitive information to mitigate the risks associated with PII data breaches.”

About Direct Computer Resources, Inc. (DCR)

DataVantage for IMS is the world’s first-ever mainframe application testing and development software tool. George Lang developed the software in the 1970s with continuous improvements slated through 2021 and beyond. The software supports mainframe data security when data is copied from production databases for use during non-production purposes such as development, testing, training, and data analytics. DCR’s full suite of DataVantage for z/OS software allows users to edit, manage and mask data safely, efficiently and affordably.

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