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All Tone z/OS Solutions Now Certified Compatible with JES3plus®

Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of management and productivity solutions for IBM System Z mainframes, today announced their complete line of z/OS Mainframe technologies has been extensively tested and proven fully compatible with the JES3plus® V1R0 spooling subsystem. The JES3plus® software was made available through Tone's participation in the Phoenix Software International ISV Partner Program.

Solutions Designed for All JES Options

Worldwide System Z users are actively choosing their JES direction – a pivotal decision that requires full support from key software vendors to ensure products perform and deliver value within the chosen JES environment. Tone's entire suite of z/OS mainframe technologies not only supports JES3plus®, but also JES2 and the legacy IBM JES3, providing valued users with full flexibility to choose the JES direction that best suits their needs.

"Tone's compatibility testing with JES3plus® demonstrates our commitment to support our clients wishing to remain on JES3 as their long term spool subsystem," commented Shirley Balarezo, president of Tone Software Corporation. "Through Tone's customer-first business model, our valued users can rest assured they will derive maximum value from their Tone technology investments across all z/OS levels in all JES environments," she concluded.

Tone products now certified compatible with JES3plus® V1R0, as well as IBM JES3 and JES2 include:

  • OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Management to view and control spool operations, resources, and the JESPLEX.

  • DYNA-STEP to dynamically allocate STEPLIBs, manage ISPF libraries, and save system resources.

  • OMC-PRINT and OMC-TCP/IP to route, print, and control host output across VTAM and TCP/IP.

  • OMC-VIEW to preview host output and OMC-VNI to route host output from applications such as CICS.

  • TRX to manage TSO resources and improve performance.

Ready to Deploy

Sites ready to deploy Tone solutions with JES3plus® can contact Tone Technical Services at for information on the installation and deployment process.

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