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21st Century Software Announces Enhanced Mainframe DASD Migration

21st Century Software releases Enhanced Mainframe Migration for System Z (EMMz), its newest DASD migration tool for z/OS mainframe environments.  Rebecca Levesque, CEO, says “Customers need non-disruptive data migration.  With our historical deep bench strength in tape migration, EMMz brings extended capability to the 21st Century Software with a DASD migration offering.”

Available February 2020, EMMz offers:

  • Continuous application availability – in a 24/7 data access world, any downtime has negative consequences

  • Compatibility with mixed or homogeneous vendor storage platforms reducing cost and complexity

  • User-controlled global or local migration requirements

  • Full system sharing with guaranteed full data access

  • Minimizes storage disruption for faster technology upgrades

Further, 21st Century Software’s expertise in data resiliency assures fall back to old storage in case of issues with new storage hardware. This contingency capability provides the option to fall back to the original configuration.   EMMz tracks and validates data transfers mitigating the risk of data corruption while ensuring the integrity of your critical business applications during a migration.  The bottom line is EMMz is the right choice for data migration.

  1. Accelerates the benefit of new technologies

  2. Provides agility in responding to infrastructure changes

  3. Enables faster application development and testing

For more information on EMMz or other 21st Century Software products, contact for assistance in your next data migration project.

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