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ULT4DB2™ Version 3.1 D220215 General Availability

ESAi and UBS-Hainer are pleased to announce the General Availability of the UBS Log Tracker for Db2® Version 3 Release 1 D220215. This enhanced Db2 log analyzer, tracker and propagator has improved speed and functionality that further enhances its position in the DB2 log market.

New in this release, ULT4DB2 includes:

  • Additional diagnostics in ULT0359I messages

  • For UNDROP recover tasks, the SQLID option has been added in order to be able to use a different authorization when creating a shadow catalog.

  • Ongoing support for DB2 Function Levels

  • Product maintenance and bug fixes

The makers of ULT4DB2 are the same authors of BCV4™, BCV5™ & XDM™, the highly regarded rapid test data management, cloning, and object level refresh tools. More detailed information on these mainframe and distributed products can be found at:

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