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The VIRTEL Company releases Virtel Application Session Manager

Replacement for expensive VTAM session managers to reduce software maintenance costs.

VIRTEL, a leading provider of innovative mainframe solutions and creator of Virtel Web Access, the original browser-based 3270 emulation technology, is pleased to announce the release of Virtel Application Session Manager, a Virtel Web Access extension to replace costly VTAM session managers.

Virtel Application Session Manager is an authorization, navigation, and menuing facility that provides the same functionality and improved user experience over traditional VTAM session managers. “Built on the same underlying protocol conversion technology as Virtel Web Access, this facility provides a more intuitive and less costly multi-session 3270 application access than expensive VTAM session managers like TPX, Supersession, and similar products” commentsSebastian Dewar, Chief Technical Officer at VIRTEL.

As organizations modernize mainframe application access and strive to reduce software maintenance and support costs, Virtel Application Session Manager is another way to help improve user experience of 3270 applications, increase productivity, and adapt to evolving technologies.

Virtel Application Session Manager is available to all current Virtel Web Access customers at no additional charge and priced on an annual SaaS subscription basis for new customers, eliminating large initial licensing fees often found with other IBM mainframe products.

More information on Virtel Application Session Manager is available by contacting Syspertec US at or your local Virtel distributor.

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