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NewEra Software Announces Same-Day Support for z/OS V3R1

Gilroy, California – NewEra Software, Inc. announced that it has once again provided same-day support for IBM’s latest release of z/OS. The Integrity Controls Environment 18 (ICE 18) is available for download by all NewEra customers to support their upgrade to z/OS V3R1. This support follows a pattern of providing same-day support dating back to new releases of OS/390.

The Integrity Controls Environment includes Image FOCUS (IFO), The Control Editor (TCE), ICEDirect and Stand Alone Environment (SAE) in addition to New Release Analysis (NRA), a tool in ICE that helps reduce the time and expense of upgrading to a new release of z/OS. NRA is available to all ICE customers and can be rented or leased by all qualified z/OS installations. Requests for New Release Analysis can be sent to

More information is available at or by calling 800-421-5035 toll-free in North America or 408-520-7100 worldwide.

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